The Green Peel comes in 3 different strengths:


Green Peel Fresh up:

Fresh up summary:

Illuminate your skin! This treatment offers regeneration and vitality for tired skin with a tendency towards fine lines and wrinkles.  It is also a quick softener for thick, callous or impure skin.

  • For clients who want a bit more from a skin treatment.
  • It’s a great pick me up treatment before a special day, party or business event.
  • As the name suggests the skin will appear refreshed and radiant due to the cells being vitalised.
  • At the same time the treatment is also the ideal preventative measure against premature ageing and loss of elasticity, even when these are not visible yet.

Green Peel Energy:

Energy summary:

Stimulate your skin! This is a highly effective curative treatment method for improving the circulation in pale, sun-damaged skin and diminishing first lines and wrinkles.

  • For clients with skin problems caused by age related factors. It also works on blemishes and impurities, scars and pigmentation.
  • It lends the skin a surge of energy which can immediately be noticed.
  • The activation of the blood circulation and metabolism results in natural skin improvements.

Green Peel Classic:

Classic summary

Renew your skin! This treatment offers a solution to a number of skin problems ranging from pigmentation to wrinkles and sun-damage to skin renewal.

  • Gives New Skin in 5 days.
  • The most intensive peel.
  • Offers a solution for a number of skin problems on the face and body for e.g. large pored impure skin. Skin in need of regeneration, that is dull and has poor circulation or sun damaged skin and lose and saggy skin.

Mela White:

  • This is a treatment for pigmented skin.
  • The treatment will help to even out skin pigment whilst helping to improve the skins complexion.
  • Inhibits the production of melanin pigment in the skin.

We will perform a thorough skin consultation before we decide which treatment option is best for you.