Who is suitable for the treatment?

This treatment is suitable for both men & women who suffer from impure, oily skin with enlarged pores, and/or dull skin that is in need of regeneration due to poor circulation or sun damaged skin.


Who is not suitable for the treatment?

Anyone who has active Eczema, Psoriasis, Rosacea or cystic acne is not suitable for treatment. If you have had any recent cosmetic procedures, you will need to wait before you can have the treatment. Also we do not treat anyone who is Pregnant.


What steps are involved in the treatment?

  • The skin is thoroughly cleansed and prepared before the peeling treatment.
  • The Green Peel compound is freshly mixed and applied to the skin using a special massage. The peel is activated for 20 minutes.
  • The herbs are removed and the skin is purified.
  • Active ingredients suitable for the specific skin condition are applied onto the skin.
  • The herbs are carefully removed and then the face is toned.
  • Special care cream is applied on the skin with blemish balm to give it some added protection.
  • The skin will appear flushed and you will feel a sensation similar to mild sunburn.
  • Your therapist will draw up a treatment plan and correct products to use over the next 5 days. It is vital that you use the products to enhance the peeling process.
  • If you have the Green Peel Classic treatment, 3 days into the treatment the skin will begin to peel, this will be visible.
  • Again, if you had the Green Peel Classic treatment, after 5 days you will return to the clinic for a beauty finish treatment. In this treatment last traces of dead skin are removed and a vitamin mask is applied.
  • Your new skin will appear visibly improved, clearer and your acne scars will appear less visible. Please apply sun protection and refrain from sunbathing for at least four weeks after the treatment. Your treating therapist will recommend suitable care for your new skin.

What results should I expect?

You should be left with much clearer smoother skin and pores will appear much finer. Any scarring will be reduced.

How many treatments are required?

Typically 4-6 treatments every 4 weeks will provide the best results.

Are there any possible side effects/Downtime?

  • This is a herbal treatment which is relatively safe. No side effects have been reported in over 45 years of usage.
  • No washing of the skin is allowed for 5 days for the Green Peel Classic treatment.
  • There will be visible peeling for around 3 days for the Green Peel Classic treatment.
  • The skin may appear red and flushed for up to a week.

Is there any Homecare/Aftercare Advice?

  • There are a number of products which you should use after your peel, these will help nourish and protect your skin and further enhance the results from the peel treatment.
  • Herbal Care Lotion is a cream to use in place of your cleanser/toner.
  • Blemish balm is a tinted total sun block cream to conceal the skin. This is to be used instead of make-up and also helps to soothe and diffuse redness.
  • Special Regulating Cream helps keep your skin nourished and encourages the skin regeneration.
  • If you have hyper-pigmentation marks from inactive skin conditions you should use the Mela White products to lighten the pigmentation.